It Girls


Din seria imagine de fashion blogger, iata ultimele aparitii internationale:

Karla (Karla's Closet) describes her style as "feminine meets masculine". She likes to keep things simple and statement, choosing a few striking pieces and staying away from loads of layers and accessories.

She says her secret to style is the classic saying, "It's always better to be overdressed, than underdressed"!

Taghrid (Taghrid: A Lookbook) describes her style as "girly with a twist". She loves adding prissy elements like over-exaggerated bows, flowers and ruffles while at the same time keeping things hippie and happy.

She says her secret to style is "having fun with it, and dressing for me and no one else".

Krystal (What is Reality Anyway) describes her style as, "hanneling Anita Pallenberg in the movie Performance". She effervesces 70's glamour, often with touches of animal prints, fur trims and flowing sleeves.

She says her secret to style is, "not being intimidated by social consciousness"

Rachel (That's Chic) describes her style as, "eclectic and california comfort". She isn't afraid to blend any and every look - whatever her mood demands.

She says her secret to style is, "just wearing what I want, and not letting others dictate".

Hannah (Hannah and Landon) describes her style as, "vintage-inspired - anything from 1930 to 1994". Her love for vintage knows no bounds, and she stirs looks together any era that suits her fancy.

She says her secret to style is, "standing by Coco Chanel when she said, 'Take one thing off before you leave'".

Beth (The Vintage Society) describes her style as, "a mix of 70's prepster and bohemian glamour". She flip flops between classic pieces with glamourous flare and free-flowing bohemian looks.

She says her secret to style is, "discovering your own signature look - researching, studying, compiling and spending time with it. Then using that direction to dictate everything stylish in your life".

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