Karen O


Karen e un mix intre Debbie Harry, Joan Jett si Iggy Pop. Solista formatiei The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. A realizat muzica pentru ultimul film Spike Jones "Where the Wild Things Are". Si a fost fotografiata de Terry Richardson pentru Purple Fashion Magazine.
Ce se spune despre Karen: “She screams like a banshee on stage and quietly attends gallery openings on friday nights.”
Ce spune Karen despre Karen:
"- I used to twirl around all the time when I was three. I’m still always twirling on stage. I’m just a grown-up kid — the sandpit is where I want to be the whole time. I have the right career for it.

- I’m half South Korean, half Polish. I’m Korean in that I’m quite reserved in daily life. I have a hard time asking for a fork in a restaurant. But Asians are big into yin and yang, so it has to be balanced with mania.

- Past 25, the full-throttle punk-rock destruction of performance is exhausting. Our more mature shows are some of my most satisfying. It doesn’t hurt so much; I’m not so out of it.

- I still like to drink before going on stage — champagne, tequila and, every now and then, some whisky; not the clear liquids. It’s not necessary, but it flips a switch; it’s a short cut.

- I’m really competitive. I’d never go as far as Madonna, wanting to conquer the world, but it’s playful to think that way. It’s great to see how much you can get.

- I left New York to find my sense of self. New York was more about the city than me. In LA, in this big desert, it’s you facing you. I’m chipping away at each layer of an onion with a toothpick. I’ll never reach the core, but I’m closer to understanding why I feel the way I do.

- My mother was a fashion consultant, but my unconventional style was at odds with her stylishness. I’m playing lots of different characters with my clothes. It instigates things — it’s fun to provide yourself with those opportunities.

- The threesome dynamic is ideal for us. Nick [Zinner, guitarist] and I fly off the handle left, right and centre. The clash is what makes us, but we need someone to mediate. With Brian [Chase, drummer] making us three, we’re all for one and one for all.

- I’m a head-first girl in love. I’m sure it’s my Slavic side. I love like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the best way."

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